Customer case

Study of the impacts of digital transformation


Our customer, a multinational operator, has engaged on the digital transformation path for several years. The HR teams were mindful of the impacts of this transformation on the operator’s organization and its employees. They asked Sofrecom and Orange Consulting, partners on this project, to perform an impact analysis study.


This study was divided into 3 phases: 
1. In the first place, our consultants analyzed the state of digital transformation over the past 5 years.  To do so, they reviewed over 250 internal and external documents and reports. They also conducted over 40 interviews at all hierarchical levels, with customer relation experts (sociologists, ergonomists, customer relation managers) and field employees (shops managers and vendors for example). This internal and external data was organized into 4 transformation axes: new ways of working, process digitalization, customer relation digitalization, support to employees.
2. In the 2nd phase, our consultants defined a model to evaluate the impact of digital on the company. This model considers 3 categories of impacts:
- The operator’s performance, business and imag
- Skills
- Working modes
Combining the categories of impact with the transformation axis, our consultants identified the 20 most impacting items for the company and/or its employees.
3. And finally, our experts assessed the operator’s maturity on each of the 20 items and proposed recommendations.


This 7-month mission gave our customer’s HR teams a comprehensive understanding of what digital really means for the employees and what benefits and drawbacks they perceive after several years going through digital transformation. Our customer can prepare the next steps of its transformation, focusing on the important priorities and in full knowledge of the possible impacts on the employees and of the pitfalls to avoid.