Customer case

Study of mobile network adaptations

Mon 09 Nov 2020


Our client, an international mobile operator, was seeking to develop its high-capacity service for its Internet and IPTV offering, in order to remain competitive and maintain its ARPU.

It wished to explore two possible strategies for the coming ten years:

  • remain in a mobile-centric market
  • adapt a scenario based on convergent fixed and mobile networks

Our team of consultants studied both strategies, including the marketing and technical impacts of the 5G rollout.


Our experts began by conducting a market analysis covering all fixed and mobile broadband technologies, observing the trends for the coming ten years in the countries in which our client operates.

They also audited the client’s existing network.

Based on the market vision, our team used a network sizing tool to build several technological development scenarios for the core network and the access network (Core/RAN/Trans).

The key points of our study included:

  • evaluation of the work to dismantle xDSL and replace it with FTTx;
  • estimated number of accesses not replaced by fixed accesses;
  • assessment of the capacity demand per technology for each type of access, based on our client’s capacity consumption.

Each of the proposed scenarios was built with a view to reducing investment costs (Capex and Opex). 


As a result of this assignment, the client has:

  • a vision of the market for the coming 10 years
  • differentiated strategies for each region in which it operates, enabling it to offer new services and therefore generate additional revenue
  • an effective tool with which to plan future investments.