Customer case

Study of key elements in trust in customer relation, and of digitalisation


Our client wanted to improve his understanding of the key elements in building trust in customer relations, and to better grasp the challenges facing digitalisation for multiple sectors. To that end, his goal was to collect and enhance the views of well-known in-house figures regarding this topic.


So Sofrecom went on to perform, transcribe and illustrate 10 interviews with VIPs of the company, assembling them all in illustrated booklets together with a cross-functional analysis of the content. In addition, a file was produced, entitled “Digitalisation and Customer Relations – From Beneficial Collaboration to Necessary Discernment”, which led to a conference during the In-house Convention for Customer Relations.


This way chosen by the operator of handling the issue has played a part in enhancing collective intelligence. The key elements in building trust, as well as the challenges of digitalisation are better grasped and understood. There were even discussions about proposed innovations relating to the topic.