Customer case

Study on digital trust services

Thu 12 May 2022

Digital identification and authentication services offer increased security to businesses and citizens to facilitate their digital processes in an environment of increasing fraud attempts targetting users of digital services. Thus, the digital identity of customers is an differentiating factor for telcos who partner with identity providers to ensure access to certified identity data and verified contact data.

Following the successful implementation of the e-signature service, our client, an international telecom operator, wanted to capitalize on this success to enrich its commercial offer with new EIDAS (Electronic Identification Authentications and Trust Services).

This trust e-service allows to:

  • Create, verify and validate electronic signatures, electronic stamps or electronic time stamps, electronic registered mail services and certificates related to these services;
  • Create, verify and validate website authentication certificates;
  • Maintain electronic signatures, electronic stamps or certificates related to these services

Screening of market offers and identifying key players

Sofrecom's Marketing Intelligence consultants have carried out a study on the e-signature market to identify the main players, initiatives and offers in the field. The objective of this study was to guide our client's marketing and design teams and to help them enrich their operator's value proposition by identifying the most interesting startups.

The scope of this study has allowed us to:

  • Define the market perimeter and map trust services in Europe.
  • Evaluate the market size and identify the most promising segments and sectors.
  • Identify the key players and the most promising start-ups.

For this purpose, the main players in the field were put under the spotlight and an analysis of the offers and services of different start-ups was carried out with a benchmark between these services to enable prioritization and provide decision-making assistance.

Interviews with experts in trust services market helped refine the initial findings. Finally, an analysis of the regulatory framework was necessary to define the scope of the market and identify the most promising segments.

These elements have allowed us to map:

  • Available solutions on the digital trust services market.
  • Key players in the identification field with an analysis of their market position.

Mapping of the best service offerings and a decision-making tool

This study on the trust services market has enabled the operator to develop a better understanding of the offer and to have a decision-making tool to prioritize the most structuring services in the field.

It now has a complete mapping of the European market and the key success factors to guide its strategic choices. It has also identified the most promising segments to address as a priority. The study allowed us to identify as well the most promising segments to be addressed as a priority and the partnerships to pursue.

It has also provided scenarios for integrating these digital trust services to become a major player in the market.