Customer case

Study and technical support to digitalize procedures

Thu 19 Jul 2018


The Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics devises and deploys the Moroccan government’s policies in the fields of roads, ports, rail and maritime transport. As part of its digital transformation strategy, this administration wanted to digitalize its procedures. It entrusted Sofrecom with the development study and technical support.


To support this project, we made a comprehensive team of experts available to the ministry’s IT department. These experts first analyzed the specifications and users’ needs. They defined the general specifications then proceeded with the detailed design and development of the different modules. Finally, they integrated these modules into the ministry’s information system. Our experts also provided design and development support to the ministry’s teams in charge of deploying some modules themselves.


The Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics can now offer Moroccan citizens efficient online services that ease and widen the access to the ministry’s services, and that contribute to their satisfaction while reducing costs.