Customer case

Strategy and roadmap for the digital sector in the Republic of Congo

Thu 17 Dec 2020


Within the framework of the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA), the AfDB and the Congolese government want to accelerate the development of digital technology. A new sectoral policy must be defined to take into account current developments and an orientation consistent with the evolution of the sector at national and international level.

To do so, Sofrecom has been commissioned to:

  • Define the country's digital strategy
  • Propose an operational roadmap for the digital development taking into account the country's situation and the available means


To meet the government’s expectations, our team conducted this study in 7 steps:

  • Review of the digital landscape in the Republic of Congo and stakeholders' expectations (needs, political control)
  • SWOT diagnostics of the situation
  • Presentation of the state of the art in digital technology
  • Quantification of needs and costs
  • Building a strategic vision (services, uses, infrastructure and governance)
  • Prioritization and perspective (costs and means available to conduct these policies)
  • Preparation of the roadmap (priority, milestones and phasing) for digital development


This study has enabled the Congolese Government to have a clear vision of its digital strategy and the modalities of its implementation. It now has an action plan to accelerate this development and the key factors for success.