Stock Market Place

GSSC - Group Sourcing and Supply Chain - is an Orange Group entity that assists AMEA subsidiaries in their local purchase, and notably the delivery of terminals and hardware directly from vendors.


In a highly competitive telecommunications market, customer satisfaction is vital for Orange whose declared goal is to be a market leader in every country where it operates. GSSC aims to provide top-quality services to Orange subsidiaries in the AMEA zone to help them enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Enable subsidiaries to respond to customer requests in optimal conditions: 

  • Assure the availability of Orange products. 
  • Rationalize mobile terminal inventories worldwide. 
  • Reduce provisioning costs. 
  • Select providers of the most competitive and eco-friendly products and services 

Tailor-made solution  

Stock Market Place is a communication solution that helps managing inventories of Orange’s AMEA subsidiaries. Sofrecom developed and installed this product and was heavily involved in every stage of the project in order to:

Understand the business and look beyond the immediate customer challenges 

  • In-depth analysis of the business. 
  • Propose business support and define new business processes. 
  • Develop relevant, evolutive functionalities. 

Control project conduct and ensure end-user support 

  • The Agile (1) method was employed to involve everyone concerned by the project. 
  • A solution that perfectly matches end-users’ aspirations. 
  • Innovative Flex (2) technology to ensure the willing support of the subsidiaries. 
  • CMMI certification : project monitoring and control, lead time tuning, quality of deliverables. 

Results exceeding expectations

The system has been such a success that it has led to further developments of the product.

  • Creation of a community network of more than 300 people in 46 countries. 
  • Turnover of 18.5 million Euros 
  • Management of more than 3 million products per year. 
  • Harmonization of inventory management processes for subsidiaries’ terminals. 
(1) Agile: a user-centered computer software design method in which the requester is involved as much as possible, a pragmatic approach that is more reactivity to the customer’s needs.

(2) Flex is a highly productive, open source framework for building compelling applications for mobile terminals and the Web. The apps are built from a mutual base of codes in order to speed time-to-market and cut development and maintenance costs.

Orange’s testimonial
Sofrecom’s experts clearly knew how to identify our business needs and the induced functional specificities, and then delivered a really pertinent application. Their efficiency in terms of project steering and management substantially contributed to a time-to-market application. Working with Sofrecom gave us the benefits of their reactivity and it allowed us to observe the operating methods and technical and organizational requirements specific to the France Telecom- Orange Group.
Marion Carrat,
Group Sourcing & Supply Chain