Fri 03 Jun 2016

Togo Telecom

Togo Telecom, the incumbent operator of Togo, is in charge of the equipment and the exploitation of the public utility of telecommunications. Its subsidiary Togo Cellular provides the country’s mobile telephone services. With a population of 6 million and a 25% mobile penetration rate, Togo’s telecommunications sector obviously has substantial growth potential.

The challenge

Geographic Information System (GIS) gives the operator an advantage over its competitors and also reduces its network management overheads. 

Togo Telecom decided to acquire sof’vision to underpin the design and management of its network infrastructure.

A transversal solution

Sof’vision is based on the products of ESRI™, a world leading specialist in geographic information systems. 

This user-friendly solution has rich functionalities including queries, geographic continuity, a single database, marketing, etc. 

Sof’vision covers network operation and geomarketing as well as all the operator’s business activities (marketing, commercial, network, etc).

Sofrecom’s skill center supplied and installed the solution, and then provided training and assistance during the production start-up. It guarantees the global solution and all its software associated.


Sof’vision enables Togo Telecom to boost efficiency and to optimize its costs. 

Network planning and management 

Physical network infrastructures (engineering and construction), maintenance team management (lower costs). 

Enhanced CRM 

Better coordination and reactivity to request for information or assistance from government authorities, regulators, local public bodies, etc. 

Strategic commercial offer 

Sharing of customer information, geographic representation of the market (including statistics), optimized direct marketing campaigns.