Sofrecom's solidarity Ftour in Morocco

Sofrecom Maroc took advantage of Ramadan's month special atmosphere to gather employees around a collective Ftour. The event was held for the first time, Thursday, May 16, 2019 at the Center of Integration and Help for Work (CIAT) of Sala Al Jadida in Morocco.

A shared meal for Ramadan

An act of solidarity was for Sofrecom, the best way to take part in this month of Ramadan, a period of solidarity and sharing.
It is at the CIAT restaurant that Sofrecom Rabat's employees met on Thursday, May 16th.

The program :

  • Visit of the various facilities of the center
  • Meal at the restaurant prepared from products from the farm installed in the center and certified organic
  • Moment of sharing

The Insertion and Help Center for Work in Salé 

A socio-professional and educational institution, CIAT offers a professional and economic activity to young people with intellectual disabilities who are excluded from the labor market. With its restaurant, educational farm and wheelchair repair shop, CIAT helps ensure that these vulnerable people have an income to sustainably meet their basic needs.

What is Ftour?

Ftour (also known as iftar in Arabic or Ftor) is the meal of the fast's breaking. During Ramadan, it is taken by the Muslims every evening at sunset. Outside of this context, the term refers to breakfast.