Sofrecom wins award for best CSR initiative

Wed 18 Nov 2020

Sofrecom's role is to pilot the creation and the launch of this school and to ensure the transfer of know-how to the local team which will manage the school and ensure its development.

Claire Khoury

Sofrecom’s activities in favor of digital inclusion were recognized with an Award presented on November 18 at the 14th edition of Telecom Review’s Leader’s Summit, in Dubai. This award relates to the creation of a digital school in Benin.

Context and expected benefits

This school provides an answer to one of the main challenges facing sub-Saharan African countries: managing the transition to the digital economy. This requires a reliable and available infrastructure, with a very high-speed network by 2030.

Aside from obstacles in terms of investment and equipment, the most important is that of skills.

In effect, most African countries face a lack of infrastructure skills (planning, implementation, and maintenance).

Universities, engineering schools and technical schools meet these needs in part, but basic technical skills for less skilled jobs are lacking.

Presentation of the project

The project is to create a vocational school dedicated to fiber-optic activities accessible to young Beninese students and sector employees.

The aim of the school is to offer young people quality training with short-term employment prospects, and to support the development of the ICT sector in the country.

The aim is to create conditions enabling young people to learn a profession within 2 months, and to find a job at the end of their apprenticeship. The aim is also to help retain the specialized professional skills required in the country, support the development of fiber-optic infrastructure and improve the quality of service.

The originality of this school is that it combines both theoretical teaching and training on the ground in a company. Students therefore acquire real-life experience of the profession, enabling them to put into practice the theoretical knowledge they obtain on the course. Particular importance is also placed on the diversity of classes in order to develop the employability of women in the sector, a major challenge in this country.

This first digital school dedicated to fiber optic activities in Benin is the result of a partnership between the government of Benin, the Montereau Digital Campus and Sofrecom.

Sofrecom's role is to steer the creation and launch of the school, and to ensure the transfer of know-how to the local team responsible for managing and developing the school.

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Claire Khoury

Chief Marketing, Communication & CSR Officer