Sofrecom Tunisia working with disabled children alongside the Al Amal Association

Thu 28 Jul 2016

Sofrecom Tunisia fully embraces Sofrecom Group's Corporate Social Responsibility policy and has recently been involved in community action to support disabled children.

During Ramadan, Sofrecom Tunisia and the Al Amal Association1 agreed to work together in the local community. This association located in the suburbs of Ariana looks after physically and mentally disabled children and teenagers.
On June 23rd of this year, Siwar FARHAT, Managing Director of Sofrecom Tunisia, together with some 20 volunteers from within the company spent a wonderful morning together with the children cared for by Al Amal.

The meeting began with a tour of the site. Afterwards, the teams took time to play and dance with the young students, engaging in lots of fun activities: clown and magic shows and other entertainment.
At the end of a visit filled with enjoyable encounters and interactions, the 44 children and teenagers were presented with clothing, shoes and Ramadan gift baskets donated by Sofrecom Tunisia. 

”We are extremely delighted and proud to have been a part of this experience with the children and we will continue with our CSR commitments into the future through practical action on the ground.
Therein lies the spirit and the strength of the CSR approach taken by Sofrecom, an integrated international Group.”

Siwar Farhat, Managing Director of Sofrecom Tunisia 

Sofrecom Tunisia has used this initial experience to gauge the desire and enthusiasm of local associations for specific efforts.
The success of this initiative both for the children at the Association and the Sofrecom Tunisia volunteers has reaffirmed the desire on the part of Sofrecom Tunisia to get involved in new community initiatives: supporting environmental and ethical concerns, as well as people with disabilities in particular.

Sofrecom: an international Group and eco-citizen 

Sofrecom Tunisia is extending Sofrecom Group's CSR commitments on a local level: Any responsible company ought to promote economic and social development wherever it is located. This cannot be dissociated and is a contributing factor to our local development. It is even more important and formative for us, since Sofrecom occupies such a huge footprint. An obligation exists then to expand the policy to all local offices.

Sofrecom's CSR policy revolves around many actions set up by the CSR department for employees throughout this year, promoting diversity, non-discrimination and gender equality in the workplace: International Women's Day, the "hangagement" week, solidarity week, sorting waste for recycling, etc. The CSR department also promotes local partnerships with associations and participation in certification programmes such as the Label Diversité in France and the Trophée de l'Egalité Professionnelle in Morocco.

Al Amal Association

Created in 1999, Al Amal is a specialist community centre for the disabled. It represents an alternative to the mainstream school system in Tunisia which is unable to accommodate children with physical and mental disabilities. Ten volunteers provide daily support to the association's 44 children.