Sofrecom Tunisia now counts 800 employees!

Sofrecom Tunisia confirms its position as a leading employer in the IT sector with 800 employees now. It owes its strong growth to the fruit of the work conducted by the various teams and to a company dynamic encouraging collaborative work and internal and external initiative.

Since its creation in 2012, Sofrecom Tunisia has worked its way through the market with 12 engineers who were working off-shore. Thanks to a strong positioning strategy, visionary ideas and Group experience, the number of collaborators rapidly reached 200 in 2015, 500 in 2017 and 800 in 2020.

Sofrecom Tunisia’s relationship with the academic world gives it a head start on its competitors. Highly sought after by the students, it accommodates every year numerous trainees (summer internships, project and end-of-course internships) and organizes business meeting days. To enhance its credibility on the job market, the experts travel to different regions of Tunisia to share their expertise.

Since its creation, Sofrecom Tunisia’s projects have diversified. Last year, a development center on behalf of a Middle East customer operating in the health sector was inaugurated. These activities provide the engineers with a panel of expertise to be acquired and developed.

Today, Sofrecom Tunisia is celebrating its 800 employees in this period of confinement thanks to the common effort of all teams mobilized to ensure a smooth continuity of activities even in times of crisis.


Samir Benzahra

Managing Director Sofrecom Tunisia & Algeria