Sofrecom teams with HEC Paris to launch an Advanced Certificate in DIGITAL AND TELECOM BUSINESS MANAGEMENT

Tue 16 Oct 2012

Pooling their respective expertise, Sofrecom and the HEC Paris (Hautes Etudes Commerciales) commercial school have teamed to create a unique training scheme dedicated to the telecoms and digital industries. This two-module course is designed to give managers and decision-makers a 360° view of their fast-changing market in order to help them anticipate the decisions they will need to take tomorrow.

"Advanced Certificate in Telecom and Digital Business"

The telecoms market is no longer flourishing as it was some years ago. Competition has intensified everywhere worldwide and the arrival of new players, notably ones originating in emerging economies, has changed the rules of the game.
In a complex and financial tense situation, operators must face up to major challenges and structuring evolutions of their business and identify the key actions necessary to maintain their performance and competitiveness. With this in mind, HEC Paris has designed, in close collaboration with Sofrecom, an Advanced Certificate which will soon be part of the Majors of the Executive program of HEC Paris, course specifically for the telecoms and digital industry. It is intended for executives and senior managers with international responsibilities and wishing to acquire a broad vision of telecommunications and their major trends, along with useful tools to aid reflection and action.
The goal is to engender a new generation of business managers capable of detecting weak market signals, of transforming apparent contradictions into opportunities, of keeping their staff motivated and mobilized and developing their adaptability and reactivity.

Two high-profile players pool their talents in a unique training initiative

Designing a skills development program requires an understanding of the needs, sectorial expertise and pedagogic skills. HEC Paris and Sofrecom, both highly reputed players in their respective businesses, have pooled their complementary know-how in a natural association and committed themselves to share their rich experience with the future trainees.
HEC Paris has a well-deserved reputation for pedagogic excellence. Founded more than 130 years ago, HEC Paris dispenses its courses worldwide and builds partnerships with enterprises of all kinds.
Sofrecom, a France Telecom-Orange Group subsidiary, is a world-leading specialist in telecommunications consulting and engineering. For more than 45 years it has spearheaded its Group’s international expansion, acquiring unrivaled expertise in all the businesses of telcos and a deep understanding of their markets, whether mature or still developing.
Sofrecom will therefore contribute to the new HEC Paris program its in-depth knowledge and pragmatic, operational approach to international telecoms, whereas HEC Paris will leverage its academic experience in the analysis of this environment.

Two-stage training dispensed abroad

The program comprises two one-week modules conducted outside France and separated by a 2 to 3 month interval.
The first module – Managing in a fast-moving environment and anticipating business trends – aims to build comprehensive knowledge of the digital sector through strategic analysis of the environment, challenges and opportunities of the digital and telecommunications industries. It looks at new business models and the challenges and impacts of regulation.
The second module – Strategies for growth and value and managing change – tackles the issue of managing strategic movements and changes in the telecoms sector. It aims to deepen the understanding of the issues raised in the first module.

For information about the program and participation conditions, visit the HEC website or email to