Sofrecom renews its commitment to the youth

Wed 07 Jun 2017

Sofrecom organised an afternoon for students of a "Passeport Avenir" ("Passport to the Future") member high school to present careers and a future.

This half-day event took place on 27 April with about thirty eleventh grade student from Auguste Blanqui high school in Saint-Ouen and employee volunteers.

What is the business world like? What professions are found there? How can I enter this world? These are the kinds of questions asked by the students, who often come from more modest backgrounds and sometimes lack help orienting themselves.

To respond to these questions, Sofrecom's CSR Department, along with a Project Manager from Orange, hosted the students and their teachers.

On the agenda that afternoon, learning about Sofrecom's professions: consulting, human resources, network engineering services and consulting, IS engineering and consulting, sales development, marketing and communications. Then there was a visit to the machine room led by an IT expert and a hands-on activity on artificial intelligence.

"Passeport Avenir" is an association that mentors young people from underprivileged settings. Through tutoring programmes, they work with students from high school until they have their university degree. The goal is for these young people to meet the employee volunteers, who have experience to share and a desire to help.

This half-day was an important event for both students and our staff who, across the board, found this experience to be enriching. Through this event, Sofrecom renewed its commitment as a socially responsible company working for equal opportunity and against discrimination.