Sofrecom invited to Morocco to talk about business corruption

Thu 17 Sep 2015

Esca Morocco

Several years ago Sofrecom Group adopted a general zero tolerance policy on corruption and it aspires to be a trustworthy company that acts with integrity. It is the first Orange subsidiary to be certified by the international anti-corruption certification agency Ethic Intelligence.

Sofrecom's Enterprise Social Responsibility (ESR) Department is regularly asked to share its experience and explain its commitment on these issues.

In Casablanca on 9th June 2015, Sofrecom's ESR Manager, Abdessamad Bouzoubaa, was invited to speak about "Corporate corruption: what ethics for better competitiveness" at a conference organized at the ESCA School of Management to which were also invited CGEM* member companies interested in fighting corruption.

This conference was part of a specific ESCA course entitled "Management Essentials" . It brought together representatives of public institutions, students and the press.
The participants included :

  • Ms. Anne Le Rolland: Founder and President of Acte International,
  • Mr. Zakaria Fahim: President of the "Ethics and Good Governance" Commission at the CGEM,
  • Mr. Philippe Montigny: President of Ethic Intelligence,
  • Mr. Bachir Rachdi, CEO of Involys.

This conference was an occasion to discuss the impact of corruption on business in Morocco and to analyze the role of the country's private sector in combating it. It was also an opportunity to exchange good practices as regards managerial integrity and the ethics programs being adopted by Moroccan enterprises as part of the national anti-corruption strategy. Indeed, Morocco is positioned as a regional leader and a platform for exports to Europe, Africa and the MENA region, and it is maintaining a firm anti-corruption stance.

In view of its experience and its participation in the CGEM's "Ethics and Good Governance" commission, Sofrecom was a very welcome advisor on the best ways to collectively combat business corruption worldwide.

As Abdessamad Bouzoubaa underlined: "At Sofrecom, we are able to do business ethically and durably in international markets thanks to our ethics certification and by informing all our business contacts of our anti-corruption commitment. These are two differentiating advantages much appreciated by customers and partners everywhere where Sofrecom operates."

To find out more about this conference: article in the French daily paper "Le Matin" (link to the article)
To find out more about Sofrecom's ethics compliance actions (link to text of general page)
* The General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM: Confédération Générale des Entreprises du Maroc) represents the private sector in dealings with public authorities and institutions. It boasts 40, 000 direct and affiliate members and strives to create a favorable economic environment for business development in Morocco.