Sofrecom inaugurates its new Tunisian subsidiary and continues recruiting

Tue 23 Oct 2012

On October 11th, 2012, Sofrecom Group, a France Telecom-Orange Group company specialized in telecoms consulting and engineering, officially inaugurated in Tunis its eleventh foreign agency. This is the fifth in the North Africa/Middle East region, after Algeria, Morocco, United Arab Emirates and Jordan.


Sofrecom Tunisia has developed rapidly since it opened for business in November 2011. Today it employs 70 people, most of them engineers, and it expects to create 150 more jobs by the end of 2013, in line with the commitment made by Stéphane Richard, France Telecom-Orange CEO, to the Tunisian authorities in July 2011.

This new company aims to make use of the talent of young, well-trained graduates of Tunisian universities. It will also be recruiting senior consultants with solid telecoms experience.

Since its creation it has developed a Skill Center to support the growth of its design and maintenance of software solutions and components.
Sofrecom Tunisia will also serve to enrich the portfolio of services proposed by other Sofrecom agencies in the region, notably thanks to its specialist know-how in deploying service platforms, notably for TV and mobiles: "This complementarity will give Sofrecom the benefits of synergies between its subsidiaries and allow it to credibly address major accounts, telcos, investors and government institutions across the region" explains Jacques Moulin, Sofrecom CEO.

The creation of this affiliate in Tunis reaffirms Sofrecom's determination to work closely to its customers in order to provide personalized support and ensure satisfaction.



Sofrecom Tunisia is recruting

Portrait Chiheb Bayard
3 questions for Chiheb Bayar,
Human Resources Manager
at Sofrecom Tunisia

Why join Sofrecom Tunisia?

By joining this company engineers and consultants will become part of Sofrecom Group's "Know-How Network", a powerful international network of experts able to design tailor-made solutions for our customers anywhere in the world. One of Sofrecom Tunisia's specializations is service platforms and we work at the leading edge of information and communication technologies. Our access to the vast resources of our parent company, France Telecom-Orange Group is a tremendous advantage. We are fully playing our part in Orange's "Conquests 2015" enterprise project and its Employer Charter. We are strongly committed to the career development and professional satisfaction of our women and men. We offer a high-quality working environment and do all we can to reward individual and team contributions to our successes.

What are your fields of activity and expertise?

Our engineers develop services that represent exceptional value for customers: mobile payment, VoIP, Services Delivery Platform, IPTV, etc. For telecoms operators shrewd management of technological innovation is a major factor for success, for they face fierce competition on new services. Efficiently accompanying the evolutions in our sector is an exciting challenge. It obliges us to innovative unceasingly, to be up-to-date on all the latest technologies and to demonstrate our total reliability. As part of the France Telecom-Orange Group, we have privileged access to the very latest technological innovations and to Sofrecom's long international experience and unrivaled expertise in all telco activities.

You are running a major recruitment campaign. What profiles are you looking for?

We are presently recruiting senior managers for implementation projects and experienced software development engineers. In addition to proven technical skills and experience, we need exigent, passionate women and men who appreciate a job well done. Curious, open-minded team workers who will be attentive to our customers' aspirations.

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