Sofrecom helps Orange deploy a CXM solution in its AMEA subsidiaries

Wed 07 Oct 2015

Offering an incomparable experience to customers is a high priority in Orange's strategy, so service quality management is vital to better serve and satisfy customers – and make them loyal. Sofrecom is helping Orange Group to deploy the same CXM solution in all its AMEA subsidiaries.

“We are one of the biggest operators in Africa and the Middle East, serving 110 million customers in 20 countries. The telecoms market is buoyant with 5% average growth annual. Our goal in the coming years is simple: become the unrivaled leader in terms of customer experience.

This will involve an ambitious program to install a standard CXM solution in all our AMEA subsidiaries, one that will provide fine knowledge of customer usage of our products and services. Our intention is to develop an individualized approach and adapt our proposals to local contexts, taking into account customers' usages and centers of interest and also their perception of our quality of service. 

This is in fact the key feature of our roadmap: know and understand customer needs and usages in order to personalize the customer relationship. 

Sofrecom is providing valuable support in the AMEA zone and has already installed our CXM tool at Orange Mali. Its consultants are now working with Orange Cameroon and Orange Guinea which expect to be exploiting very precise indicators to personalize their customer care before the year-end. 

Our choice of Sofrecom was a natural one in view of its knowledge of our activities - marketing, customer care, service management center and network engineering - and our in-house methodologies. It already has much hands-on experience within our AMEA footprint.

When integrating the CXM tool, we faced the self-imposed constraint of re-using all exist ing resources (network, information system, etc.) to avoid having to make heavy investments prior to obtaining significant results by exploiting the available information.

The Sofrecom experts had no trouble in meeting this challenge. They work with our staff in a highly pragmatic way using a simple, duplicatable integration solution. Our ultimate objective is to deploy this tool in all our affiliates in order to personalize the relationship between Orange and its customers.”

Laurent Rigaut
Customer Information and
Personalization Manager