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Sofrecom has been awarded the AFNOR Diversity label

Thu 17 Sep 2015

On Monday, April 18th, Sofrecom was awarded the AFNOR Diversity Label during a ceremony organized at the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Vocational Training and Social Dialogue, attended by Jacques Moulin, Sofrecom’s CEO, Abdessamad Bouzoubaa, Director CSR Sofrecom, Christine Albanel, Executive Director CSR, Diversity, Partnerships and Solidarity Orange Group and Laurent Depond, Director of Orange Diversity.

The Diversity Label attests to sustained commitment from organizations on anti-discrimination, equal opportunities and the promotion of cultural diversity through human resources management policy.

Sofrecom works hard to promote diversity, non-discrimination and professional equality. This strong commitment is reflected in a volontaristic human resources policy that aims to support the career development of all employees. This policy ensures personalized career management for every recruitment candidate and every employee as he or she evolves within the company, and that this management is totally non-discriminatory and equitable.

As Jacques Moulin, Sofrecom’s CEO emphasizes, “during the examination, we demonstrated that all women and men at Sofrecom willingly adhere to the principle of respecting cultural differences, which is total consistent with the international scope of our business”.

Sofrecom’s progress underlined

Looking beyond our existing efforts to promote gender and opportunity equality and to combat discrimination, the Commission* noted our concrete actions taken since the "dummy audit" conducted by the AFNOR last November:

• progress in hiring disabled people,
• traceability of the recruitment process as evidence of equality of treatment,
• training on diversity issues given to Personnel Representatives,
• formalization of the Diversity Commission’s function,
• better communication about access to Sofrecom’s staff counseling service,
• identification of all discrimination risks within the company,
• promotion of the alignment with Orange’s diversity policy.

Why do we need a diversity label ?

"This label certification is in line with our mission as an International Integrated Group asserting our presence in local environments and is also reinforcing the socially innovative reputation of Sofrecom’s” explainsAbdessamadBouzoubaa, SofrecomGroup’sEnterpriseSocialResponsibility Manager.

Moreover, this success does not mean the job is finished, for we will continue to enlarge the incorporation of other discrimination and to define new priority actions:

• professional equality
• equality of opportunity
• diversity management in our daily operations

Sofrecom is now one of just 260 companies to have earned this accreditation since its creation in 2008.

* The Labellization Commission* is composed of representatives of the State, Social Partners, employers’ organisations and experts appointed by the National Association of Human Resources Directors.