Sofrecom filled up with energy and vitamins !

Mon 07 Jan 2019

Sofrecom pedals for the International Sustainable Development Week from 30 May to 5 June 2018.

This annual event, which is taking place throughout Europe, aims to promote sustainable development and its challenges. For this reason, the resources put in place are numerous and vary according to country, city, organisation or company: conferences, exhibitions, animations, training/awareness campaigns, film screenings, visits, etc.
Within companies, these events allow employers to inform their employees and include them in their initiatives on sustainable development and ecological transition.

Sofrecom is committed to reducing its environmental impacts on the entire life cycle of its products and services, an essential condition for sustainability and competitiveness. One of its priorities: to create simple "eco-gestures" at the level of all the employees, to set up and deploy digital solutions at the service of the environment.

#SOFRECOM : Pedal, Enjoy !

To close this international week of sustainable development, Sofrecom organized a green animation in its Vincennes offices on Tuesday 5 June 2018.

The animation «pedal, enjoy!» was intended to bring together the collaborators around this cause in a moment of conviviality thanks to the provider Les Paniers de Léa.

The Connected Smoothies Bike is a playful animation, to put the teams in good spirits and make them aware of the protection of the planet as well as the food balance.
The principle is very simple: a bike connected to a tablet, a Blender, fresh fruits and let's go !
The employees of Sofrecom pedalled, following the indicated path, and adapting their speed to make and taste delicious smoothies : basil apples strawberries.