Sofrecom enriches its service portfolio with a new offer "Capacity Building"

Wed 17 Apr 2013

The most precious resource of any enterprise is its human assets. This is the conviction that Sofrecom intends to share with telco customers through its new "Capacity Building" service developed as an effective response to the increasingly complex challenges they face. It can provide all the support required to drive their transformation.

In particular, our Capacity Building program aims to ensure that employees commit themselves to the strategy chosen by their company. It aims also to boost their efficiency by developing their professional and managerial skills.

Sofrecom and Orange-France Telecom Group have a proven track record in conducting operator transformations. Their Capacity Building value proposal capitalizes on Orange's skills development programs and on Sofrecom's long experience in transferring know-how on all types of operator activities to its clients.

Sofrecom knows that every customer is unique, with its own culture, history and specificities. That’s why this solution is original in that it is based on the notion of a “shoulder to shoulder approach” adapted to the operator's context.

Sofrecom's Capacity Building offer draws on Orange's experience, notably on three key aspects of all transformation programs:

  • Transformation through skills: we propose a wide range of training and skills development solutions on all operator activities (commercial, technical, support), and we exploit solutions used in-house by Orange.
  • Transformation through management: we help customers define a leadership and management model adapted to the company's objectives. Next, we develop skills and train managers at all levels, always striving to stimulate motivation through trust, personal recognition, professional autonomy, and comprehension of the enterprise strategy.
  • Transformation through organization: we exploit organizational levers such as transversal working and the clarification of roles and responsibilities.
  • Sofrecom and Orange are today the only telecoms operators proposing a global approach of this type, strongly combining strategy, transformation and learning to build durable success.