Sofrecom continues its development in Morocco

In 2016, Jacques Moulin, CEO of Sofrecom, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the creation of a new International Services Center in Casablanca, with the Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy, and the Minister of Economy and Finance, in the presence of King Mohammed VI at the Royal Palace of Casablanca.

Since October 2016, the Casablanca center has helped create approximately one hundred highly skilled, high-value-added jobs dedicated to the digital transformation of governments, territorial agencies and private companies.

Morocco, with whom Sofrecom has an excellent collaborative relationship, is sensitive to the challenges of digital transformation, and it enjoys a rich, expert talent pool. It retains all its appeal for the expansion of our business.

The intended target is French and Moroccan clients with a view to accelerating their digital transformation via short development cycles, co-creation of custom solutions and a focus on user experience.

To implement these services, Sofrecom anticipates creating 400 highly skilled jobs in IT services and support infrastructure related to the digital transformation of organizations: designers, developers, consultants, architects and managers.

To this end Sofrecom is recruiting young Moroccan university graduates, having signed partnerships with the French group several years ago.
The service center also offers positions to Moroccan digital experts who reside abroad for its Moroccan business and for strategic projects it conducts in other countries in which it operates.

Sofrecom, which has had a presence in Morocco for 30 years, created Sofrecom Services Maroc in Rabat in 2004. This offshore software engineering and service center relies on the expertise of its French-speaking Moroccan staff.


Claire Khoury

Chief Marketing, Communication & CSR Officer