Sofrecom celebrates its 50th anniversary: Stage#2 Morocco

Sofrecom, a subsidiary of the Orange Group, contributes to the promotion of Morocco's digital transformation and will create 400 high-skilled jobs in Casablanca.

Sofrecom, a subsidiary of the Orange Group, announced today the opening of a new International Services Centre in Casablanca at a conference on Morocco’s offshore and digital challenges, held in Rabat. This new entity will create 400 high-added value jobs dedicated to the digital transformation of administration, territories and businesses by 2020. Sofrecom, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary and 30 years in Morocco, is continuing its international investments in an appealing territory which is strongly oriented towards developing and promoting new information technologies.

Sofrecom is an international consulting and engineering firm specializing in telecoms and new information technologies which has supported the digital transformation of operators, governments, businesses and territories across the world for 50 years. "We are delighted to be celebrating half a century of history here in Rabat today, with our subsidiary Sofrecom Services Morocco and many other important figures. It is an even greater pleasure to announce the opening of our second Moroccan International Services Centre in Casablanca, which will create 400 highly-skilled jobs by 2020. Sofrecom has an excellent collaborative relationship with Morocco and in turn, the country is highly aware of the challenges presented by digital transformation and is a pool of expertise. It has not lost any of its appeal for developing our business activities," stated Jacques Moulin, CEO of Sofrecom, in his opening speech for the Anniversary Conference.

A New Offshore Service Centre in Casablanca

Orange, which has prioritised Africa and the Middle East in its "Essentials2020" Strategic Plan, has asked Sofrecom to create a second Service Centre in Casablanca for high-added value activities in the fields of digital and IT, acting in particular on behalf of the Group's subsidiary customers across the world.

Sofrecom's new Service Centre will be based in Casablanca, as close as possible to the country's economic activities. It will implement agile development methods for IT and digital projects for Sofrecom's French and Moroccan customers. Its purpose is to accelerate customers’ digital transformation programmes through short development cycles, co-creating solutions with the customer and focusing on user experience etc. It will offer operators, adminstrators and businesses faster, perfectly tailored IT solutions based on their needs and their competitive, innovation and improvement challenges in customer or citizen satisfaction. The centre will rely on Sofrecom and Orange's expertise in digital innovation.

Orange has demonstrated its desire to contribute to economic development in Morocco with this new entity, through its subsidiaries Sofrecom and Meditel.

400 high-skilled jobs

The new Sofrecom platform will create 400 high-skilled jobs in IT services and support infrastructures related to the digital transformation of organisations. These roles will include designers, developers, consultants, architects and managers.
Sofrecom will offer these new technical and managerial positions to promising young Moroccan graduates from the country’s most prestigious schools and universities with which the group has been developing partnerships for several years. It will also create positions for Moroccan digital experts currently living abroad. These roles will either focus on its Moroccan activities or strategic projects in countries where Sofrecom operates.
Sofrecom is proud of have formalized these two commitments in a "Letter of Intent" signed on 19th May 2016 with the Ministry in Charge of Moroccans Living Abroad and Migration Affairs. This document affirms once again Sofrecom's commitment, in accordance with the objectives of its Enterprise Responsibility Social (ESR) policy, to promote diversity and non-discrimination, notably by favoring the access of women to technical jobs associated with "digital" and to positions of responsibility.

Two round tables to discuss Offshore and Digital Transformation in Morocco

In speeches following these announcements, official figures from the Kingdom highlighted the country's digital transformation. They emphasized that by helping to position Morocco as a regional platform for IT services, Sofrecom was contributing to both the success of the "Maroc Numeric 2020" (Morocco Digital 2020) Strategic Plan and the country's economic development.
Speeches were made by:

  • Ms. Latifa Echihabi, Secretary General of the Moroccan Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Investment and Digital Economy
  • Mr. Abdelouahed Firkat, Secretary General from the Ministry of Energy, Mining, Water and Environment of Morocco, Environment Comissioner 
  • Mr. Lahib Nadir, Secretary General for the Ministry of Moroccans Living Abroad and Migration Affairs
  • Ms. Marie-Cécile Tardieu, Head of the Regional Economic Service in Rabat, representative of Mr. Jean-François Girault, French Ambassador in Morocco

Two round tables, one on digital transformation and the other on offshore activities in Morocco, provided an opportunity for a more meaningful discussion on the challenges that this transformation poses for the country, in addition to major ongoing projects including e-Government, digitalization of territories and the emergence of Smart Cities. The creation of optimized offshore facilities and the resulting developments, particularly in terms of relationships between the country and its citizens, were also discussed.

About Sofrecom, The Know-How Network
Sofrecom is one of the world leaders in consultancy and engineering in telecommunications, new ICT and digital transformation. A subsidiary of the Orange Group, the company has been developing its unique knowledge in operator activities for 50 years. Its experience of mature markets and emerging economies, combined with a sound knowledge of structural changes in its sector, have made it the strategic partner for operators, governments and international investors.
Sofrecom, whose missions are primarily directed towards international operations, now has 10 entities throughout the world, in France, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Middle-East (Dubai and Qatar), Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Argentina.
Since its creation, the group has assisted with the transformation of more than 200 major stakeholders in one hundred countries in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America.
With a team of 1,300 consultants, engineers and analysts from 34 nationalities, Sofrecom ia a highly diverse organisation. With the support of its industrial partners and Orange innovation experts, the group offers organisations a global network of knowledge and expertise - The Know-How Network - to assist them in their digital transformation.
Sofrecom is ISO 9001, CMMI and Ethic Intelligence certified.
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About Sofrecom Morocco
Present in Morocco for 30 years, Sofrecom created Sofrecom Services Morocco in Rabat in 2004. This offshore software engineering services centre is built on the high level of expertise of its 180 Moroccan French-speaking collaborators and its proximity to Europe. It aims to meet its customers' needs in a flexible and responsive manner in terms of development, maintenance and IS evolution.
SSM is also Sofrecom's regional Hub for serving its customers in Africa and the Middle East where it offers competitive technology watch services in consulting and network engineering in addition to deploying IS solutions.
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