Sofrecom and GOTIC sign a partnership agreement in the Ivory Coast

During the 2-year partnership, the groups will work on strategic planning and on implementing various digitalization programs on a national level.
The aim is to leverage the combined expertise of Sofrecom and GOTIC (Groupement des opérateurs du secteur des technologies de l'information et de la communication) as well as industry best practices in order to develop new business opportunities.
The partnership is a means of reinforcing the synergies between Sofrecom and the Ivorian digital eco-system while capitalizing on GOTIC’s network.

SOFRECOM confirms its strong presence in Sub-Saharan Africa and creates a permanent office in the Ivory Coast

Since 1966, SOFRECOM has been contributing towards the transformation of the telecoms sector in Africa.
Sofrecom is guiding the digital transformation and development of various institutions as well as Orange in the Ivory Coast.
These projects are always carried out in partnership with local businesses. The creation of a permanent office in Abidjan will make it possible to further increase these partnerships and to make a lasting contribution to the local economy.
Elsewhere, this office serves to further Sofrecom’s standing in Sub-Saharan Africa, notably in Senegal, Benin, Burkina Faso or Guinea, where Sofrecom is already working on a number of projects.

Marianne Brunat, Head of Sales at Sofrecom Group, said of the occasion:

“Digital transformation in Africa, like in Europe, requires three key factors for success: Secure, high-quality infrastructures enabling connectivity for all, simple and innovative services for the general public as well as for businesses, and an in-depth transformation of organizations and modes of operation. This new economy is founded upon individual initiatives, entrepreneurial efforts and partnerships that bring together both start-ups and large companies. The partnership between GOTIC and Sofrecom will serve to accelerate collaboration between stakeholders and this eco-system.”

Mr. Patrick M’Bengue, GOTIC President, is delighted with the partnership and highlighted its value:

“The Ivory Coast has placed the digital transformation of its economy at the heart of its emergence strategy. The eco-system of local IT and Telecoms companies will of course have an essential role to play in this process. However, due to the size and complexity of the projects, as well as the timescale associated with the reforms required, it has proved essential for many of these businesses to make strategic alliances in order to diversify their expertise and skills, grow their portfolio of products and services, etc.
This is the purpose of this partnership between GOTIC and SOFRECOM which aims to, through a cross-fertilization process, implement complementarities and synergies between SOFRECOM and GOTIC businesses, with a view to finding solutions that are both original and economical to address the issues of digital transformation in all areas of our economy.”»

About Sofrecom
Sofrecom, a subsidiary of Orange Group, is a consulting and engineering company specialized in telecommunications. Sofrecom analyzes and anticipates sector trends.
It advises, guides and supports the development and transformation of telecom operators, governments and regulators. Sofrecom’s experience in mature and emerging markets, combined with its deep understanding of the structuring changes affecting the telecoms market, make it a valued partner for operators, governments and international investors.
Its services and solutions offer - together with an advisory dimension - are comprehensive, covering the various needs of operators, governments or regulators to make their digital transformation projects a success.
At a time of digital revolution, Sofrecom guides the digital transformation of its customers. It helps them to set themselves apart within their markets and to improve their long-term operational performance with innovative approaches in terms of customer experience, smart services, security, mobile banking, e-government and change management. Sofrecom guides its customers in implementing a digital innovation chain by helping them define and organize their eco-system approach, implementation methods and partnerships.
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GOTIC is the representative Group of ICT industry companies in the Ivory Coast.
It was established in 2009 with the aim of grouping together all digital stakeholders on one platform in order to defend their interests, promote businesses in the sector, take an active role in both defining and implementing national ICT sector policies and strategies, and popularize digital in all sectors of the Ivory Coast.
It currently consists of around 100 businesses of various sizes (very small businesses to multinationals) and with diverse origins (Ivory Coast, West Africa, North Africa, Europe, etc.)

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