Customer case

Setting up a Services Management Centre (SMC)

Thu 17 Sep 2015


Our customer was committed to transforming his operational organisation so as to position customers at the core of network engineering activities, a major issue for operators these days. His objective was to establish a lasting system in order to improve responsiveness in detecting drops in quality, and to set up corrective measures towards ensuring customer satisfaction.


Sofrecom assisted in the transformation by deploying its CXM methodology. Accordingly, we performed an audit on the existing organisation and we assessed employee skills, then we prioritised and scheduled the action plan on the basis of several aspects (organisation, training, hiring, tools, trade-specific processes, governance). We concluded by setting up a suitable organisation and assessing its impact upon operational efficiency.


So now there is a definite consistency between the various layers (customers, services, infrastructures) which guarantees an end-to-end overview of quality and customer experience. Problem detection has improved, especially in preventive terms, and incidents are resolved within a shorter time. The OPEX are optimised due to operational work being rationalised.