Customer case

Security analysis of WAN interconnection firewalls

Fri 26 Feb 2021


Our client wanted to analyze and strengthen the security of the firewalls that filter the flows between the holding company and one of its subsidiaries.

He called on our security experts to:

  • Analyze and identify the too permissive network flows in order to close them.
  • Proscribe the "any" rules (any source, any destination or any port).
  • Explain the security principles for network flows of a private WAN


Our team proceeded in several steps:

  • Extraction of firewall rules,
  • Analysis of production flows (tcpdump,. . . ),
  • Interview of project teams,
  • Comparison of configurations with project needs.

At the end of these different phases, we were able to write a complete report on the flows to be closed as a priority and on the overhaul of the firewall rules to be implemented.


At the end of our assignment, our client has a secure internal network with its subsidiaries as well as a revision of the security rules.