Customer case

Sales and customer relationship digitalization strategy

Wed 10 Oct 2018


Willing to anticipate the evolution of digital usages in Middle East & Africa (MEA), Orange’s MEA and Customer Experience departments want to define a strategy to accelerate customer relationship digitalization in the region. Their objectives: foster digital usage, increase sales, improve customer experience, and reduce operational costs. They have jointly mandated Sofrecom to structure and model this strategy.


To elaborate this 4-year strategy, we have involved 8 consultants with complementary skills in digital and strategic marketing.

Spread over 9 months, this project included 2 distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: performing a sales and customer relation digitalization maturity assessment; this assessment covered 4 related streams: customer usages, digital touchpoints, channel mix, as well as IT and operational model
  • Phase 2: defining the strategic target by co-building the transformation plan and the estimation of gains country-by-country

To achieve the objectives, our consultants mapped all digital touchpoints over the customer journey and translated this analysis into a target vision of channel evolution with an operational roadmap. They also modeled the channel mix evolution and estimated the financial gains made possible by the new digital operational roadmap. Then they identified existing and missing skills, and mapped the current digital IT organization and the future one. Finally they defined the required governance for digital projects.

Throughout this project, our team was committed to initiating a collaborative approach, thus involved several experts from the Orange group as well as the MEA countries, in order to encourage the adoption of the future transformations.


Our consultants’ complementary competences (strategy, digital and IT) have enabled us to:

  • provide Orange with a 4-year digitalization strategy that takes into account the specificities of each country
  • propose very operational recommendations, to enable both corporate entities and the countries to anticipate the transformations and visualize their impacts.

Orange can now rely on a clearly-defined attainable ambition for each country, phased objectives, together with precise recommendations and an operational roadmap to achieve them.