Customer case

RFP cloud billing

Thu 17 Dec 2020


Our client, an Iaas (Infrastructure As A Service) cloud solution provider, wants to define its target IS and draft specifications to build its cloud billing system.

Our client called on Sofrecom to:

  • Propose a target architecture of its IS integrating its new billing model
  • Collect and identify our client’s IS billing needs
  • Produce the functional and technical specifications to be submitted to suppliers
  • Define the structural selection criteria in the call for tender
  • Build an IS Transformation Roadmap


To do so, our team proposed the following methodology:

  • Audit of the organization, business process and current tools
  • Identification of the different needs of the business directorates
  • Building a shared vision of the project:
  • Prioritization of functionalities to be
  • Drafting of the specifications
  • Preparation and launch of the vendor consultation
  • Drafting recommendations for bidders


The work of listening and animation allowed our client:

  • To have our vision with the sharing of experience
  • To control the relationship with suppliers in an objective way with measurable criteria
  • To align their different businesses
  • To share the view on the IS Throughout the project, our team was able to make our client benefit from our experience on this type of project

The workshops organized with the business departments were structuring to bring together a common vision and expectations. The Cloud Billing specifications were written to launch the consultation of IS providers in optimal conditions. Our client also has objective criteria to enable him to choose his suppliers.