Customer case

Reinforcing an operator’s positioning in the B2B market

Tue 22 Sep 2015


Sofrecom was asked to assist a telecom operator in determining his B2B strategy and setting up a suitable roadmap for long-term growth. The mission’s primary objectives were: determining the appropriate marketing avenues to boost the B2B value proposal and taking advantage of growth areas, strengthening customer awareness, and rekindling sales through the deployment of new steering instruments


We have implemented a 3-pronged methodology starting with the analysis and sizing up of the B2B market. Then we performed an audit of the sales organisation. Lastly, together with the customer we built a new organisation and new instruments to run the business.


The mission has helped our customer to take a necessary step back from his business so he could review his strategy and his processes. The benefits are better customer awareness, a stronger B2B value proposal, and an energised sales team.