Customer case

Regional Transformation


As part of its program of integrating its branches managing fixed, mobile and Internet businesses, our operator customer wanted to refocus its regional entities on customer value and efficient customer care. The underlying challenge was to build a regional organization compatible with this strategic goal.


We assessed our client's organization from various angles: customer experience, people, management, organization and governance. This enabled us to propose regional organization scenarios each defining a regional directorate's role in decision-making and in executing decisions, while reconciling global policies with very heterogeneous local situations. Finally, we translated the scenario selected by the client into individual operational projects with a view to their execution.


This project led to the definition of a new regional organization focused on customer experience by developing closer proximity to customers and stronger role of regional entities in the company's global strategy. To ensure a successful implementation, the migration to the new organization is backed by a detailed transformation strategy and a clear framework defining the roles and responsibilities of entities and employees. We made recommendations on the evolution of processes and proposed a system to evaluate and develop skills.