Customer case

Redesign of the career management policy, processes and tools

Tue 25 Sep 2018


This large african operator requested our support to redesign its career management policy, its processes and its tools for its 12,000 employees. Our consultants had to address 3 main areas:

  • To design a career management model
  • To support vertical and horizontal employee mobility
  • To capitalize on existing skills


Our client’s key guideline for this mission was to maintain flexibility in the company’s policy and adaptability to changes in the business strategy.To carry out their mission, our experts thouroughly analyzed  the following components of career management:

  • The job description reference documents
  • The recruitment processes
  • The skills development policy
  • The promotion processes
  • The management
  • The engagement policy

Throughout this phase, our consultants collaborated with the operator’s employees to gather their perception.


Following this analysis, our consultants recommended a new competence-based career management model.Our proposal supports and feeds into the company’s strategy on career management, the job descriptions,and the baseline documents referencing the paths between jobs. It also provides a tangible model to measure and track the transformation. Thanks to the turnkey deployment plan we have also delivered, our client will be able to rapidly turn this new model into reality.