Customer case

Project Management of an international B2B IOT program

Fri 24 Aug 2018


Our customer, an international operator, asked Sofrecom to project manage its IOT program aimed at B2B customers. The objective is to define the program governance and support the implementation of the program nationally and internationally.


IOT is by nature complex as it associates several components such as networks, devices and connectivity. As a result, our consultant has to coordinate the entire list of B2B IOT projects from various entities within the operator. She organizes and pilots the monthly meetings used to track actions and make joint decisions between the Marketing, Business and Sales entities.
Within the Marketing department, our consultant also supports the development and launch of new IOT services and offers at the national and international levels. She assists the operator’s European subsidiaries in the deployment of their IOT projects so they can rapidly meet the growing needs of their local markets.
This mission also includes a part of international prospection to identify potential local partners. Finally, our consultant prepares the monthly reporting, sent to all entities and the operator’s executives, on behalf of the B2B IOT Program Director.


Thanks to this support, our client is assured that this complex program involving multiple stakeholders is efficiently driven. The Program Director benefits from a unified view over all of the ongoing projects. The support provided to the international subsidiaries is generating a very positive dynamism. Our customer has expressed a high satisfaction and has prolonged our consultant’s mission until the end of 2018.