Partnership with Witbe to support customers in Indonesia with QoE technologies

Witbe, the leader in Quality of Experience Monitoring, is proud to announce a new partnership with PT Sofrecom Indonesia a consulting and engineering firm specializing in telecommunications. This partnership will allow Sofrecom to offer support and consulting services on Witbe’s Technology to telecommunications companies, cable operators, broadcasters and OTT providers in Indonesia.

Witbe has developed an approach based on robots replicating users’ behaviors. Witbe Robots can watch a video, tune to a specific channel, use STB guides etc. This technology can proactively detect any service deterioration, allowing services providers to improve their end users’ quality of experience.

“Witbe, our new solution partner is a leading company in the Quality of Experience industry with its unique robot able to provide the technology and analytics that digital service providers need to proactively test and monitor the availability, performance and integrity of their service offering.” commented Dominique Loth, CEO of PT Sofrecom Indonesia. “Through this new collaboration, PT Sofrecom Indonesia leverage its strong presence of 25 years in Indonesia, aiming to develop new opportunities and build a sustainable partnership that will bring diversified business solutions to our clients, and marks our willingness to be more present, agile, and adaptive to the currently highly disruptive and fast-paced digital ecosystem of Indonesia.”

Also commenting on the partnership, Witbe’s president Marie-Véronique Lacaze, said: “We are pleased with this new partnership, which has been successfully concretized through the deployment of our technology with a major Indonesian online sports network and which allows us to strengthen our presence in the Asia Pacific region.”

About Sofrecom
Sofrecom, an Orange Group subsidiary, serves telecoms operators worldwide, drawing on its unrivaled expertise in prospective studies, business consulting, networks and IT. Sofrecom contributes to the development and to the transformation projects of its clients: operators, governments and regulators. This is done by bringing them operational solutions and the experience of the Orange Group. Thanks to the unique know-how of our 1750 consultants and experts, its customers benefit from a fine knowledge of the actual market and telecommunications stakes. Sofrecom has developed over almost 50 years its unique ingenuity in the operator businesses. As a result, it is now a world leader in information and communication technologies (ICT) as well as business consulting for the telecoms industry. Its experience of mature and emerging markets combined with its deep understanding of the structuring changes which affects the telecoms market, make it a valued partner for operators, governments and international investors.

About Witbe
Leading innovation in the Quality of Experience (QoE) industry, Witbe offers an award-winning approach to monitor the Quality of Experience actually being delivered to the end-users of any interactive service, on any device, and over any type of network. Combining hardware and software, Witbe’s state-of-the-art technologies have already been adopted by over 300 clients in 45 countries. Telecom operators, broadcasters, application developers: all rely on Witbe to improve the experience they offer to their customers. Founded in 2000, Witbe has offices in Paris, New York, Denver, Montreal, London, and Singapore.


Claire Khoury

Chief Marketing, Communication & CSR Officer