Orange strengthens network security in AMEA

Wed 07 Oct 2015

Orange gives cyber-security a high priority. As part of its "Security Essentials" program, it has defined six major axes for its AMEA subsidiaries. Sofrecom is making a contribution and creating an Operational Expertise Unit to support LAN segregation projects in subsidiaries' data centers.

“Networks segregation is essential to optimize security and protect access to applications in the information system from external malicious intrusion. LAN architectures are redefined and segmented into “sub-networks” in order to contain possible threats in well-identified zones and ensure careful filtering and control of application data streams. 

This strategic operation requires a preliminary physical and logical inventory of existing assets and exhaustive classification of computer resources and applications.

To help our subsidiaries to implement their new network architectures we engaged Sofrecom, since we already knew of its reactivity, its understanding of the problems and its technical expertise on networks and IT systems. 

Today with Sofrecom we are accompanying several Orange subsidiaries, proposing a methodological approach that helps them make the best technical and organizational choices. Sofrecom has defined a strict framework and works in project mode, coordinating all the key activities necessary for success: inventory of physical and logical topologies, design of the target architecture, recommendations on essential equipment, and preparation of an engineering file and migration strategy prior to the actual migration to the new architecture.

The Sofrecom consultants work in close collaboration with the various Orange Group stakeholders in order to make sure that choices made are compatible with the technical and economic goals. We are very confident that everything will go well. We would like to continue working with Sofrecom on the implementation of this "Security Essentials" program and even extend its work to other areas such as logs centralization and identity and access management. Our shared adventure in the security field is only just starting!”

Patrick Puges
Technical Director
Emerging Markets Technical Support