Orange Jordan migrates its CCBS to GaiaV7 to rejuvenate its customer experience

Wed 07 Oct 2015

In the ultra-competitive Jordanian market, Orange Jordan is determined to be unrivaled in terms of customer experience on convergent broadband fixed and Internet services. An information system transformation is essential to simplify the relations with customers and respond rapidly to their needs. This is why Orange and Sofrecom personnel are working together to roll out the latest version of Sofrecom's OSS-BSS solution GaiaV7.

“Since the launch of 4G services and a very aggressive sales campaign by our main competitor, our broadband fixed and Internet services are threatened. Moreover, information system obsolescence and complexity have tended to degrade the perceived experience of our fixed and Internet customers. 

This is why we have decided to transform our IS by migrating our current CCBS (Customer Care and Billing System) used for landline and DSL subscribers to the GaiaV7 OSS-BSS solution which Sofrecom has agreed to deliver in a very short timescale of eight months.

This move is of immense importance for Orange Jordan, since 1,000 people use Gaia daily to serve our 300,000 landline and Internet subscribers. The new Gaia system will be the veritable backbone of our finance, sales, customer service and network activities and will simplify the work of all our staff.

Sofrecom has made a number of major enhancements, in association with our internal users: 

- Order registration time is cut by half.

- Reliable information is supplied to vendors who can now easily identify customers and see their technical eligibility for DSL in real time. They can allocate "gold" numbers and more easily manage disputes and deposit payments. 

- The time needed to generate bills has been divided by three and credit control is now permanent thanks to the new rating engine.

- New APIs simplify the connection of Gaia to the whole information system.

Since the start of the migration project, Sof recomand Orange Jordan have worked hand in hand in a very collaborative and business-oriented manner to get GaiaV7 up and running by the end of 2015.

We are convinced that GaiaV7 will enhance the experience of our employees and customers and also boost our operational efficiency.

Following this fruitful collaboration, we hope that Sofrecom will continue to provided its valued support during the next phases of our IS upgrade.”

Jérôme Hénique
Chief Executive Officer
Orange Jordan