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Orange CXMB building an unrivaled customer experience

Tue 21 Mar 2017

Testimonials from CXMB executives Florence Macresy, Digital Customer Experience Manager, and Pierre Dormont, Sales and Distribution Manager

Improving customer experience in general and in mobile banking in particular is a key objective of Orange's Essentiels 2020 strategic plan. Sofrecom assists Orange by drawing on its broad expertise.

Orange's Customer Experience & Mobile Banking (CXMB) personnel have developed close ties with Sofrecom which has evolved from a simple service provider to a preferred partner. The missions confided to Sofrecom range from analysis of market trends to proposal of solutions and support during their implementation in Orange affiliates around the world.

Florence Macresy:

I have employed Sofrecom in 6 missions each lasting 3 to 6 months. The most recent example was their drafting of an invaluable blueprint for “digital customer relationship essentials."

Concerning this particular project:

Sofrecom's task was to meet CXMB business managers and understand their vision of the principal factors that make for a successful digital customer relationship, and then to analyze this information against the backdrop of today's main market trends. The deliverable was a set of 10 key recommendations for Orange subsidiaries and countries.
A number of these recommendations spurred Orange to ask Sofrecom for more detailed recommendations as a means of assisting Orange's foreign affiliates to implement their local plan. Several experts investigated selected priority subjects in more depth, for example how to optimize digital traffic acquisition on Orange websites and applications, and businesses that should be developed for digitization.

Sofrecom consultants understand very well the local contexts in Orange countries and the trends and challenges in each region. Their broad experience gained serving operators worldwide, including many countries where Orange is not present, is invaluable for us and saves us a lot of time.

Moreover, I appreciate Sofrecom's flexibility and reactivity; they can intervene rapidly at all stages of our projects. Their experience with other operators is often precious since it allows us benchmarking our own practices and operations."

Pierre Dormont adds: "We have a win-win relation with Sofrecom".

I call on Sofrecom whenever we have an important issue affecting the countries where Orange operates. Their consultants are already familiar with many local ecosystems and their proven ability to adapt to new ones encourages me to give them special tasks.

Among their recent missions I can mention the consolidation of our subsidiaries' strategic distribution plans, an audit of our remuneration schemes for people in contact with customers, a study of our franchising and exclusive partnership contracts, and recommendations for cost optimization of traffic capture systems on the Group's websites. All this work was conducted very efficiently on a basis of mutual trust.

Reciprocally, Sofrecom sometimes asks Orange to share its expertise to be able to use it for the benefits of its operator clients. We usually accept and this enables us to develop new relations with telecoms players and, via Sofrecom, to export Orange's know-how.

Working for Orange is always a rich experience for Sofrecom consultants. It enables them to refine their support methodologies and to acquire new expertise that can serve other operators.