Online workshops with the European Investment Bank

Mon 07 Jun 2021

The Digital for Development Hub (D4D Hub) is a strategic platform that aims to contribute to make Europe a global leader and trendsetter in the digital domain. It intends to foster a coordinated Team Europe approach in support of partner countries’ human-centric digital transformation. It aspires to set up strategic digital partnerships and boost joint investments between Europe and partner countries worldwid. EIB is strongly committed in finding solutions to connect underserved areas. The bank has already published  The rural connectivity toolkit  ( aiming at providing tools to facilitate the process of launching concrete connectivity actions

As a member of the D4D Hub, EIB is organizing a series of workshops to unveil ways to Unlock Connectivity in Africa.

These numerus clausus workshops will bring together key players from the industry, local governments and international organizations to find operational and financing solutions to bridge the digital connectivity gap in Africa.

A key objective is to find the virtuous circle of collaboration between industrial partners to set concrete solutions to unlock connectivity for underserved communities with the support of EIB financing. Network sharing solutions and the pathway to achieve their successful implementation will be particularly considered throughout the workshop sessions.

Workshops will be carried out remotely and consist of short presentations and focused discussions in small groups.  

The workshop sessions will take place as follows:

  • June 24rth 10 AM CET: Innovation for efficient access

Equipment vendors and operators will discuss innovation and bring visibility on innovative solutions which efficiently deliver connectivity to underserved communities with a special focus on network sharing.

  • June 24rth  2. PM CET:  Deliver reliable connectivity to isolated areas  

This session will aim at addressing how to provide an adapted holistic network to achieve rural connectivity and identify the most efficient economic models for deployment and operations. What opportunities for the next generation backhaul technologies such as new radio solutions, satellite? What are the Network as a Service solutions to be considered?

  • June 29th 10 AM CET: Sustainable network rollout  

Delivering connectivity to isolated populations is hindered by access to energy. Innovative energy solutions provide both a sustainable and cost efficient solution which could unlock network investments. 

  • June 29th 2 PM CET: Operator’s business models

The market potential of underserved areas is unleashed through innovative technologies and business models. Operators adapt their business models to address this opportunity.

  • June 30th 10 AM CET:  Unlocking financing

Access to efficient financing is key in addressing the market’s failure to extend connectivity to underserved communities. Commercial and international development funds adapt their instruments to market needs.

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