New agreement in Morocco for the creation of an IT development training center

As part of its commitment to employment in Maroc, SSM has signed an agreement with the Ministry, the Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion development fund, and the Moroccan employment and skills agency for the creation, in partnership with 4 other digital services companies, of an IT development training centre at Casanearshore to significantly increase the supply of qualified developers.

Driven by a growing IT offshoring sector, digital services companies operating in Morocco employ more than 10,000 IT developers with an annual growth rate of around 15%.

As part of this growth dynamic, Sofrecom Services Maroc now has nearly 500 employees and aims to have 1,000 employees by 2020, the vast majority of whom will be qualified IT developers capable of meeting Sofrecom's customers' needs.

It is out of this need that was born the idea of creating a training centre in IT development to significantly increase the supply of qualified developers.

The aim of this training centre will be to:

  • Improve the employability and professional placement of IT graduates in Morocco through additional training leading to qualifications and certification;
  • Amplify the growth dynamic and the upscaling of the IT offshoring sector in Morocco ;
  • Develop a “boot camp” teaching model specialising in IT development training and adapted to the Moroccan context ;
  • Deploy the educational model developed in other companies as well as in other educational institutions ;
  • Improve the match between training and employment for this profile in IT development.

It will deliver an accelerated training course lasting approximately six months based on the "boot camp" teaching model focusing in particular on intensive teaching, a project-based learning method and skills certification.

This training will cover the critical skills valued by partner companies, including in particular technical, behavioural, methodological and communication dimensions. Training will be provided by an international provider with proven experience in this field. If necessary, and if the project conditions allow, a national training provider may also be called upon.

As a partner company, Sofrecom Services Maroc will be strongly involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of the training delivered. It will contribute in particular to the choice of content, the selection of service providers, the monitoring of the project and the professional placement of candidates.

The pilot training centre will be located in MEDZ's Casanearshore offshoring area so as to be close to partner companies.

Initially, the project will take place in two phases:

  • Pilot Phase: The first phase of the project will consist of a pilot experiment with 50 students to test the educational effectiveness of the “boot camp” model and to create a template for cooperation between stakeholders. At the end of the pilot phase, an assessment will be carried out to determine the impact of training on learning, employability and professional integration.
  • Deployment phase: Based on this assessment of the pilot phase, stakeholders will make a decision regarding the scaling-up of this "boot camp" model

With this new agreement, Sofrecom Services Maroc is once again reaffirming its commitment to youth employment in Morocco. This project joins the numerous initiatives set up in conjunction with the world of academia and especially engineering schools to support students and improve their access to the world of business.