Customer case

Network virtualization audit

Fri 12 Feb 2021


Our client, an international telecommunications operator, is positioning itself in a global transformation plan towards virtualization/cloud while facing challenges from Capex/Opex.

Virtualization in the MEA area introduces a new paradigm with a real breakthrough in technology, industry and organization. Its implementation addresses obsolescence and capacity development. This development thus provides opportunities to optimize costs (Capex/Opex).

In this context, our client commissioned us to support the subsidiaries in the MEA region in defining master plans for the transformation towards virtualization of network functions.

Our client’s roadmap must be aligned with the Group’s strategy towards a converged cloud based on open-source technologies hosting network VNFs (e. g. Core, RAN, NMS. . . ), IT (VAS, Prepaid, IP. . . ).


To meet our client’s request, our approach is structured through 2 programs:


These programmes are divided into five stages:

  • Understand the state of the art in each branch
  • Identify key triggers for virtualization transformation by analyzing local needs and opportunities
  • Establish the 5-year vMaster Plan for subsidiaries in the MEA area on the integration of virtualization by network function
  • IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service) scenarios for cloud and VNF & IT convergence by subsidiaries
  • Identify opportunities for tendering for virtualized network functions (VNFs)


These programs provide our customer with the following benefits:

  • Acceleration of its network transformation
  • Creation of synergies between OMEA subsidiaries
  • Visibility on the evolution of the network and associated budgets
  • Launch of Group tenders for virtualized network functions (VNF, vIMS, vEPC) for the MEA zone
  • Prioritization of investments
  • Acceleration of the launch of new services (e. g. VoLTE, VAS services)