Customer case

Network transformation project

Tue 24 Jul 2018


Our client, a leading fixed telecommunications operator and the leading Internet access provider in its country, has just acquired a mobile operator so to become a convergent fixed, mobile and Internet operator. This recent acquisition came some time after the publication of a call for tenders, to which Sofrecom had contributed, for the renewal of our client’s information system.
Extending from this collaboration, our client called upon Sofrecom's teams and expertise to assess the newly acquired mobile operator's information system. Our experts were given 4 weeks to perform the assessment.


Our task consisted in understanding the functioning of the IS of the mobile operator and updating accordingly the call for tenders in progress. To do so, our consultants:
- Identified the main business pain points and translated them into functional requirements
- Identified the possible differences between the mobile IS requirements and those already published in the RFP
- Updated the call for tenders documentation in order to receive offers for a convergent Information System capable of managing customers and multi-play offers: fixed, mobile and Internet. This required also answering the numerous tenderers' questions about the new requirements.
- Drew up an evaluation report with the main conclusions


In 4 weeks and relying on the agile methodology, we were able to deliver a complete report of the mobile operator's IT situation. This enabled our client not only to supplement its call for tenders with the “mobile” requirements but also to achieve savings by reusing parts of the mobile operator's IT. Thanks to this project, our client was able to receive bids for a convergent information system in record time and finalise its tender as initially planned.