Customer case

Modernization of business support applications

Fri 12 Feb 2021


Our customer, an international operator, wants to modernize its Business Support System applications.

The current invoicing system is limited because many operations are carried out manually (order taking, invoicing, payment collection, collection, etc. ). They lead to many delays and errors (very damaging for the customer experience and for our customer).

There are also application redundancies (systems for invoices, provisioning, mediations, systems for managing resources).

The support of certain platforms (Mediation, IN) has been completed as well as the application maintenance contract.

Our client entrusted us with the following project:

  • Expansion and upgrade of the IN platform
  • Swap of the billing platform
  • Establishment of a collection system
  • Establishment of a modern system of editing
  • Mediation upgrade and mediation swap
  • De-commissioning of provisioning for a single provisioning
  • Setting up a single application interface to allow other applications to interact
  • Accounting modernization, loyalty programme, banking interface
  • Unique valuation platform that allows for postpaid in real-time monitoring of consumption by customers and alerts on consumption thresholds


To carry out this mission, our experts used the Time To Market method.

Workshops were held in-house and with the various suppliers.


The modernization of business support applications has allowed our client to:

  • Optimize and simplify the customer experience Obtain unique, simple and transparent invoices
  • Control the communication budget with real-time consumption monitoring and effective thresholds
  • Have a traceability of invoices and payments