Customer case

Mobile network sizing study

Wed 11 Sep 2019


An international operator was interested in selling one of its business units to another operator. Its objective: to maximize the sale price through the reliable assessment of the potential of its current mobile network.
A Sofrecom radio expert was appointed to review the methodology used and estimate the dimensioning and investments required in order to achieve the five-year bandwidth goals. 


He analyzed the estimates already produced by the customer, appraised the calculation methods and challenged the marketing and technical assumptions.
Our radio expert then applied an alternative approach, consisting in calculating the number of cells required in order to handle the traffic while ensuring the specified quality of service. To this end, a range of scenarios were considered, involving building new sites and implementing new technologies to enhance the performance of existing cells, such as frequency refarming, dual-beam, and mMimo transmission. As well as carrying out this study, our consultant designed a tool to compare scenarios in terms of both dimensioning and their CAPEX requirements. This enabled him to recommend the optimum scenario for achieving the five-year marketing goals.


By the end of this assignment, our customer had a more precise strategic dimensioning plan, providing powerful, dependable arguments for sales negotiations. Using the automated tool, the customer can perform simulations to reflect changes in marketing data and the current network’s technical statistics.
Satisfied with the service provided by Sofrecom’s expert, our customer extended his assignment with the aim of obtaining additional recommendations regarding upcoming decisions.