Customer case

Migration to a new billing system

Tue 25 Sep 2018


Our customer, a worldwide telecommunications operator, requested Sofrecom experts’ support to migrate to a new billing solution. This migration had major impacts on human resources. Our customer therefore asked us to assess the impact of this transformation on its employees in order to define the future processes to be applied.



Our expert first analyzed current processes through a series of workshops: offer management, customer management, order taking, invoicing, debt recovery, contract termination, litigation, complaints. Through users interviews, he detected the areas for improvement.Then our consultant identified the simplifications and improvements enabled by the new billing system.Finally, he assessed the impact of the project on human resources in terms of time gain/loss (min/day/employee) and defined a support and training plan to minimize disruptions on the day-to-day activities.


Our consultant’s methodical and rigorous approach enabled our client to gain a deep knowledge of its processes to better formalize them. This operator can now precisely anticipate the changes on procedures and human resources caused by the new system. Last but not least, the detailed migration planning has made it easier for the employees to get acquainted with the system.