Mediation integration

Fri 03 Jun 2016

Orange Tunisia

Until 2010 two operators have shared the Tunisian telecommunications market: the incumbent operator Tunisie Telecom and Tunisiana (Orascom). The penetration rate is 82% and a high ARPU with 95% of pre-paid subscribers. In August 2010, Orange acquired the first 3G license with one year of exclusivity. Orange Tunisie now sells mobile, fixed-line and Internet telecommunications services and is the country’s first convergent operator.

The challenge 

To make the most of its year of 3G exclusivity, Orange built its Tunisian network rapidly from the ground up. In only 6 months, well within the time allowed, it satisfied the coverage conditions of its license. A daunting process that required : network rollout, information system, structure, recruitment, supplier base, distribution network, market familiarization and analysis of consumer expectations.

Sofrecom’s contribution  

In a record time Sofrecom deployed the Platine NG mediation solution compatible with all types of offers: 

  • Rapid launch of new offers. 
  • Interfacing with all network equipment. 
  • Collection of all types of data usage.

Sofrecom implemented a turnkey mediation solution, ensuring total control of lead times and genuine know-how transfer. This pre-packaged solution approach allowed costs optimization. 

The project included the study and design phases, then on-site integration.

Results exceeding expectations

  • The third entrant in this market, Orange Tunisie is becoming the leader on broadband mobile thanks to several high-performance solutions, notably Platine NG
  • Record rollout speed: mediation solution operational in less than 3 months
  • More than 30 million CDRs processed daily
  • Expanded customer base: one million subscribers in March 2011
  • Global traffic doubled within 5 months; mobile data is exploding
  • 3G keys sales are significantly growing: 1,000 sold daily.

An autonomous and embedded mediation