Customer case

Managing an IT fiber project with agile methods

Wed 10 Mar 2021

Our customer, an operator, has set up a SAFe organization with several agile trains on all the fiber area.


As part of the management of the FTTH Public Initiative Networks (PINs) launched by local authorities, our client called on our experts to manage the pre-sales and after-sales phases of PIN projects on the technical IT part:

  • Pre-sales: responses to calls for tenders in the context of fibre deployments, drafting of specifications for developers.
  • After-sales: management of resumptions and network sessions within the framework of RIP operation.


Thanks to our expertise in agile methods, we have put at our client’s disposal a dedicated team of Business Owner (BO). This team was in charge of several missions:

Coordination of the technical response to the PIN FTTH calls for tenders, with the creation of a project structure mobilizing the various technical skills in order to:

  • Lead the design of the technical solution to meet client needs.
  • Figure out the chosen solution (building, operating, maintaining)
  • Drafting the technical offer
  • Participate in client hearings.

Management of after-sales projects:

  • Definition of the strategy for the transfer or takeover of a PIN
  • Drafting and negotiating the transition contract specifying the technical and commercial operation transfer terms. The exchange of information describing the network uses the Gr@ce THD standard, which makes exchanges between all parties more fluid and allows for control of the built assets.
  • Follow-up of takeover or transfer operations.
  • Reporting.
  • National support for operational teams (guarantor and decision-maker for level 3 support)
  • Single point of contact for operational teams to IS teams: implementation of a dedicated animation to centralize feedback,
  • Qualification of the reported problems and identification of the associated risks

IS transformation strategy: collects all the business needs in order to:

  • have a 360° view on IS evolutions,
  • identify adherence between projects,
  • prioritize and mutualize needs.


Our client has a cross-functional view of the entire fiber IS domain and an operational agile train that :

  • delivered several technical architectures to meet its challenges,
  • capitalizes on a set of best practices (sharing of IS evolution needs, respect of contractual commitments, knowledge of regulatory constraints . . . ) ,
  • anticipates potential technical problems and bottlenecks (e. g. case of multi-operator infrastructure RIPs),
  • has implemented a continuous improvement loop.

Through the sharing and communication actions set up by our business owners, particularly during production start-ups, the satisfaction of the operational teams has been reinforced.