Customer case

IS Transformation Plan

Thu 17 Dec 2020


Our client, an international telecommunications operator, wants to implement the same information system for its 4 wholesale entities:

  • Sales and billing of interconnection and roaming services in France
  • International sales and billing of interconnection and roaming services
  • Sales and billing support for interconnection and roaming services for the MEA subsidiaries of the group
  • Making IT operations available to other entities

We were commissioned to build an IS Transformation Plan, aimed at developing synergies between the different entities to maximize their value.


In order to meet our client's expectations, our consultants structured a 4-step support:

  • Evaluation and assessment of the IT assets
  • Cross technical, human and organizational analysis
  • Presentation of transformation scenarios, and iteration with the teams to determine the synergies to be implemented in each area
  • Definition of an implementation roadmap with the description of the different projects to be launched, and their implementation costs

To do this, our teams relied on agile methods which were the key factors of success:

  • Listening
  • Co-construction
  • Enrichment by stages


An IT transformation plan that takes into account the business and IT challenges has been delivered. It provided solutions in terms of:

  • Organization and skills - Governance
  • Delivery models
  • IT processes - Software architecture
  • Infrastructures and security

A strategy for implementing an internal delivery model, based on French and near-shore structures, has been put in place. We proposed an organization that favors the autonomy of the entities on their own business, but allowing: A functional support, and a technical framework The creation of a common Design Authority A centralized view of ongoing projects Transversal projects could also start such as the consistency of APIs, big data. . .