Customer case

IS modernization and change management

Mon 29 Mar 2021

Specialized in the distribution of telecommunications products and services, our client has witnessed the profound transformation of its business as it evolved from photography to digital products and services.


To support this evolution, the CIO initiated a project to modernize the company’s information system and make it a real business performance lever.

 In this context, Sofrecom intervened with the ISD on several steps :

  • The formalization and the optimization of its processes, in particular the change management allowing to answer effectively the demands of job evolution while reducing the risks and control the impacts on IS (Information System) 
  • The implementation of a collaborative space for communication, the information sharing and the capitalization
  • The consideration of the new regulations for data protection within the conformity to the RGPD


To lead this service and involve the actors in this large-scale project, Sofrecom proposed a change management inspired by the agile methods (SCRUM) and by the group intelligence.
This process allowed the success of the project and the strong implication of the contributors.

The project was led in 3 stages:

  • A phase of diagnosis and analysis: individual interviews are led to establish a strategy of change management and communication. The agile authorities are organized (stand up meeting, demonstration and retrospective)
  • A phase of execution and construction by iteration: the agile authorities continue and their contents evolve. The follow-up of the advances of the construction of the processes become a reality thanks to the reviews (participative workshops around communication, collaboration, management of conflicts, prioritization, playing down, construction of a team DNA) and in the individual follow-ups of every person of the team and the manager
  • A phase of assessment and capitalization: analyze, capitalize and initialize the process of continuous improvement


The changes operated at the individual and collective level allowed to assure a complete cohesion in the plan set up by Sofrecom to all the members of the ISD (Information System Direction) team.
At the end of this mission, the customer was able to notice the following results:

  • The formalization of its processes and a distribution of the roles and the responsibilities, shared and known within the company
  • A constructive individual and collective collaboration based on the listening
  • The creation of a collaborative space to share and capitalize
  • The elaboration of the treatments register for the RGDP

At the end of the project, the customer confirmed that 80 % of his team integrated the changes and he added: " I dreamed about it, Sofrecom did it "!