Customer case

IoT Market Assessment

Tue 20 Feb 2018

Orange wishes to evaluate the size and the evolution of the IoT markets in Europe to have an accurate view of medium-term growth opportunities of growth with means-term. The consultants in Strategic Marketing of Sofrecom accompanied this project. Our customer shows.

Within the framework of the Essentiel 2020 strategic plan, Orange has identified the IoT as a key axis of diversification.

To reinforce its ambition and become one of the major operators of the Internet of Things in Europe, Orange has developed on the whole value chain with connectivity solutions suiting every usage, distributing connected objects and services to the general public as well as to businesses.

In the context of the establishment of internal governance on the IoT, we called on Sofrecom in order to assess the size of the European markets, estimate the acceleration of the ecosystem and identify the medium-term growth opportunities.

Sofrecom was in no time able to deploy a dedicated team of consultants experienced in the IoT domain, with the capacity to solicit a network of internal experts. The key point was how the team mastered market sizing methods and its ability to build a market breakdown that is without duplication, easy to understand by all and operable. The team was led by a senior consultant whose role was to be responsible for the methodology, bring depth to the results and highlight the key messages for a presentation at the Comex level.

Sofrecom’s mission has therefore helped gain a more accurate view of the real size of markets per country, per vertical and per each item of the IoT value chain. The deliverable has become a reference document presentedand shared among IoT decision-makers and stakeholders within the group (strategy, finance, marketing, innovation, products entities). It has also made it possible to consolidate the convictions and the strategy taken by the group on this market. And finally, it has been used as a support to update medium-term budget targets.

At the beginning of 2018, we called on Sofrecom again in order this time to work on the long-term IoT vision and prepare the new strategic plan.