Customer case

Integration of roaming solutions for an MVNO

Fri 17 Sep 2021


When established, a Japanese mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) chose our client as an operator to manage its international traffic (international carrier) and thus subscribed to several roaming offers.

Our client called on our experts to assist in the implementation of the technical interconnection of their solutions.

Our experts have completed: 

  • The integration of roaming services sold by our customer while respecting the delivery time and the quality of the product.
  • The transfer of expertise to the MVNO's technical teams.


Our support focused on technical assistance for roaming and SMS integration.

Our experts have:

  • Helped qualify the technical issues related to the integration. We analyzed the traces every morning and sent a summary of the required actions to the teams every end-of-day
  • Elaborated with the client the test books to deal with all possible cases
  • Followed up on blocking points between all stakeholders
  • Wrote the Cause Route on the Rakuten ticketing tools
  • Boosted the skills of the client's employees through training
  • Coordinated the Paris Tokyo teams through regular meetings


The roaming service (64 countries) was opened within the required deadline set by the customer.

We have carried out a transfer of competences in terms of analysis, monitoring and extraction of reports on the network probes.

Our support increased the MVNO's trust in our customer and triggered a new order.