Customer case

Information System Transformation Deployment

Thu 01 Oct 2015


Having bought out a telecom operator, our customer wanted to modernize the information system of this new subsidiary. With a prime objective of winning market share, it needed to ensure high-quality service, launch new innovative, convergent products, and extend its sales network.


Sofrecom assisted the operational transformation of the IS, adopting a collaborative, reactive approach involving all the operator's activities and its main IT suppliers (software publishers and outsourcers). After conducting an audit of the existing IS, we designed and developed an architecture to support new convergent offers.


A high-performance IS compliant with the highest industry standards and the recommendations of the group to which this operator now belongs was deployed on-time and on-budget in just 8 months. The organization and business processes used by the marketing, networks and IT divisions have been harmonized. New working methods have been introduced to fully exploit the more reactive and agile information system and drive forward the operator's business ambitions.