Customer case

Information system flash audit

Wed 21 Nov 2018


While Sofrecom was already piloting its information system (IS) transformation RFP, our client – the leading fixed operator in its country in Asia– acquired a mobile competitor.
It became essential to rapidly modify the RFP in order to obtain proposals for a convergent information system able to manage multi-play customers and offers: fixed telephony, mobile and internet. Our client thus asked our consultants to speedily audit the information system of the acquired company in order to adjust the RFP accordingly.


In order to be extremely reactive, Sofrecom set up a dual team with experts based in the customer’s country and a back-office team in France.

Our experts first aimed at understanding the information system used by the newly acquired company. They thoroughly collected and analyzed documentation and visited stores. They also conducted 24 workshops with business and IT teams. This way, they were able to precisely understand the business objectives and IT needs of the new company. They identified business pain points and translated them first into functional needs then into IS requirements. They detected the gaps between these requirements and the current RFP. Finally, they wrote an evaluation report with their conclusions and recommendations.
Subsequently, they updated the RFP, informed the participating companies and answered their questions. Overall, our consultants wrote 9 amendments and answered over 100 questions.


Thanks to our consultants’ expertise in fixed and mobile operators’ information systems, this project only lasted 3 weeks at our customer’s premises. Our client was able to obtain proposals for a convergent information system in record time and to finalize its RFP within the planned timeline.